Mary was raised in New York where she helped establish a crisis line for women in 1971. She moved out west to Arizona in 1974 and continued with her interest in social work. She attended school at the University of Arizona in psychology but received her Masters  of Social Work at Arizona State University, thus violating the long held rivalry between the Sun Devils and the Wild Cats. She and they survived.
In 2003 Mary went adventuring and followed through on a long held wish to move to Alaska. Mary tried MucktukManuking and swimming in the Bering  Sea. The swim didn’t last long. Mary worked as a counselor to Yup’ik subsistence hunters, and traveled to villages around the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta to work with families. After living in the cold for several years Mary decided to move to the tropics.
In 2010 Mary moved to Micronesia (which is always a day ahead). In Guam and Saipan Mary worked with Service Men and Women, Veterans and families of Veterans. Mary had a lot of fun working in a setting where the ocean was just a look away. It was a warm ocean and Mary did a lot of swimming.
Mary has worked with people from many cultures and backgrounds. Her professional background includes intensive training in treating trauma, depression and loss. Mary has worked with families, individuals and groups and very much enjoys her work. Mary is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Idaho, Alaska and Utah. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in Alaska.